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xSELLerate your pipeline using highly skilled sales development representatives (SDRs) to set up meetings with qualified prospects. Let us transform your salespeople into modern sellers with our consultancy, sales training and the Showpad sales enablement platform.

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Erratic quarterly revenue

A start-up or an established company with a sales team that lacks the skills, processes, tools, and discipline to prospect consistently. Closing is difficult if you do not have a prospecting engine focused on your ideal customers and their key buyer personas to build a quality pipeline.

Stuck in old school selling

An established sales team battling to transition to modern and remote selling. If you want to transform the way you sell, ramp your reps quicker, increase active selling time,  and find time to coach your team, we may be a good fit.

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Sales Development Representative

Sales Growth Services

Use our expertise in prospecting to set up meetings for your salespeople. Hone your own team’s prospecting skills. Build and manage your prospecting team from scratch.

Sales Training

Sales Training

Authentic Selling Courses: Transform your sales team and equip them to win in a world where old approaches no longer work. Increase sales forecast accuracy by implementing defined sales processes coupled with your CRM.


We Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Marketing Services Designed To Help Your Business Thrive In The Digital Landscape.

Lead Generation Drives Fast Growth

Your company’s growth is constrained by the number of meetings your salespeople have with qualified prospects. The more discovery meetings with buyer persona from your ideal customer profile, the more revenue you generate. SDRs’ sole purpose is to accelerate the number of meetings and grow business consistently and exponentially.

Predictable Revenue

In this book, Aaron Ross explains that key to Salesforce’s phenomenal revenue growth was the creation of a dedicated prospecting team. This is where the concept of Sales Development Representative (SDR’s) was born.

What drives rapid growth?

Thinking that adding salespeople and working them harder is what drives sales growth, remains a common fatal mistake with executive & Investors. Lead generation drives growth; salespeople fulfill it. If you have predictable, scalable lead generation, you can create predictable, scalable revenue.

Account managers shouldn't prospect

Experienced salespeople hate to prospect. Experienced salespeople aren’t any good at prospecting. Even if a rare salesperson prospects successfully they become busy closing and stop prospecting consistently. If you have predictable, scalable lead generation, you can create predictable, scalable revenue.

Sales Development Representatives Services

Sales Development Representatives focus on generating and qualifying leads, laying the foundation for the sales team to convert those leads into customers. xSELLerate has a team of experienced SDRs. Their primary responsibilities include Prospecting, Outreach, Appointment Setting and Data Management. Their efforts contribute significantly to the overall sales pipeline and business growth.

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Sales Campaign Set up & approach


The initial step is to set up the campaign which will typically take between 2 to 4 weeks. During the initial campaign set up phase, xSELLerate will via several 60-to-90-minute workshops define the elements of the campaigns. We use advanced tools and data analysis to identify potential leads that align with your ideal customer profile. Our team engages with these leads through various channels, such as email, phone calls, and social media, to initiate conversations.

Initial Commitments

Qualified leads are seamlessly handed over to your sales team or account executives , ensuring a smooth transition from prospecting to conversion. Initial campaign commitments are typically for a period of 7 months. (1 month for set up and 6 months for out bounding.). Thereafter you have the option to extend in 6-months increments.

Bi-Weekly Reporting

Once the campaign kicks off and agents are calling, xSELLerate will hold bi-weekly report meetings with you to discuss progress and to see how we can optimize the effectiveness of the campaign. SDRs will provide feedback on typical objections or patterns they are seeing from engaging with prospects. Open dialogue and feedback is key to ensure we optimize the results from the campaign.

Manage a team of SDRs on your behalf

Building a Sales team from scratch can be timely and very expensive if you make the wrong hires. We assist in sales pipeline management. Let xSELLerate build and run the team on your behalf. As Sales Development Representatives learn and become proficient in articulating your offering, you have the option to bring them inhouse as your business expands.

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Set up & approach


We would train the sales development representatives in our sales methodology and your company’s value narrative associated to your solutions and in the use of the tech stack required to prospect effectively.


xSELLerate’s approach would be to hire a minimum of 2 Sales Development Representatives and ideally a researcher for your company. They would be on xSELLerate’s headcount initially and our experienced Sales manager would manage the team day to day for your company’s outbound campaign. In addition we only hire those who performed

SDRs and Account Managers

Together we would agree your ideal candidate profile with the intention that if they join your company you may want to use our sales team as a source of talent for building out and developing your account management team. Sales Development Representatives are ideal candidates for account managers as they have leant how to position your product and understand your Ideal Customer Profile and your key buyer personas.

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We are currently running Campaigns in USA, Uk and South Africa. From America’s vibrant markets to Europe’s diverse business landscapes and the thriving opportunities in Africa, our SDR expertise knows no bounds. Join hands with us to elevate your sales strategy on a truly international scale.

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