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xSELLerate your pipeline using highly skilled sales development representatives (SDRs) to set up meetings with qualified prospects. Let us transform your salespeople into modern sellers with our consultancy, sales training and the Showpad sales enablement platform.

If this is you, we may be able to help?

A start-up or an established company with a small sales team lacks the skills, processes, tools, and discipline to prospect consistently, so your quarterly revenues are erratic. Closing is difficult if you do not always build a quality pipeline from a prospecting engine focused on your ideal customers and their key buyer personas.

An established sales team is struggling because your sales processes are poorly defined and lack modern selling skills and tools.

What we offer

Sales Growth Services

Use our expertise in prospecting to:

  • To set up meetings for your salespeople.
  • Hone your own team’s prospecting skills.
  • Build and manage your prospecting team from scratch

Develop Modern sellers

Authentic Selling with Edvance:

  • Transform your sales team and equip them to win in a world where old approaches no longer work. 
  • Increase sales forecast accuracy by implementing defined sales processes coupled with your CRM.


A Revenue enablement platform

  • Align marketing and sales by providing insights into what content is working, through analytics.
  • A sales coaching platform that simulates the real world.
  • Conversational Intelligence to coach remote salespeople.
  • Effectively use video to communicate during the sales cycle.

Lead Generation Drives Fast Growth

The size of your sales team does not!

Predictable Revenue

In this book, Aaron Ross explains that key to Salesforce’s phenomenal revenue growth was the creation of a dedicated prospecting team. This is where the concept of Sales Development Representative (SDR’s) was born.

Your company’s growth is constrained by the number of meetings your salespeople have with qualified prospects

The more discovery meetings with buyer persona from your ideal customer profile, the more revenue you generate. SDRs’ sole purpose is to accelerate the number of meetings and grow business consistently and exponentially.

What drives rapid growth?

  • Thinking that adding salespeople and working them harder is what drives sales growth, remains a common fatal mistake with executive & Investors.
  • Lead generation drives growth; salespeople fulfill it.
  • If you have predictable, scalable lead generation, you can create predictable, scalable revenue.

Why account managers shouldn't prospect.

  • Experienced salespeople hate to prospect.
  • Experienced salespeople aren’t any good at prospecting.
  • Even if a rare salesperson prospects successfully they become busy closing and stop prospecting consistently. If you have predictable, scalable lead generation, you can create predictable, scalable revenue.

Sales Development Representatives Are The Ultimate Pipeline Machine

$ 415 K

Pipeline Added per SDR/ Month


Total $ pipeline flows through SDRs


Win-rate SDR – sourced Opportunities

"The xSELLerate SDRs using the Combo Prospecting methodology, which focuses on buyer persona and value messaging together with innovative process and platforms has been by far our most progressive and successful digital marketing campaign.''
Alex Russell
Past Joint MD at Aptronics

Combo prospecting

Combo prospecting is a way to pattern interrupt your prospect with omni channel outreach to break through the noise, to engage and qualify opportunities.

Get to know our methodology

A blended learning approach that consists of various tools and platforms that facilitates embedding of competences on all organizational levels.

Our Clients

Increasing revenue for leading brands

Sales Development Representatives Services to Grow your Revenue

Use our Sales Development Representatives to book meetings for your account managers.

We upskill your Sales Development Representatives and account managers

Manage a team of Sales Development Representatives on your behalf


Use our Sales Development Representatives to book meetings for your account managers.

xSELLerate has a team of experienced Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) who are familiar with our tech stack and our calling methodology. Their focus is to qualify prospects and to set  up meetings for account managers.

Sales Campaign Set up

The initial step is to set up the campaign which will typically take between 2 to 4 weeks. During the initial campaign set up phase, xSELLerate will via several 60-to-90-minute workshops define the elements of the campaigns.  The following outlines the elements of a typical campaign.

Define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Define Buyer Persona by possible job titles.

Do targeted search to identify actual contacts.

Source contact details – email, mobile number

Develop a sales cadence with SalesLoft

Combo prospecting – omni channel approach

Hyper Personalized

Cloud customer portal for collateral sharing with analytics.

Do targeted search to identify actual contacts.

Sales Campaign approach

Initial Commitments

Initial campaign commitments are typically for a period of 7 months. (1 month for set up and 6 months for out bounding.). Thereafter you have the option to extend in 6-months increments.

Bi-Weekly Reporting 

Once the campaign kicks off and agents are calling, xSELLerate will hold bi-weekly report meetings with you to discuss progress and to see how we can optimize the effectiveness of the campaign. SDRs will provide feedback on typical objections or patterns they are seeing from engaging with prospects. Open dialogue and feedback is key to ensure we optimize the results from the campaign.

revenue enablement

Deliver the onboarding, training, and coaching your salespeople need to become trusted advisors and exceed quota.


We Teach and Train your Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)

We will train your Sales team in how to optimize their tech stack and in our omni channel, hyper personalization methodology. We will develop your Sales Development Representatives capabilities to speak on the phone and write outreach emails and social media content to significantly increase their lead generation capabilities.

If you are already committed to building an Sales team in house, and you need some guidance on how best to do this or want to improve the productivity of your team, we can help you ramp your internal resources by sharing our best practices and approaches for building pipeline.

Pipeline training.

As part of our offering, xSELLerate is global partner of Sales IQ Global, and offer the Create Pipeline course which teaches the Combo Prospecting methodology. In addition, we teach your Sales Development Representatives how to personalize their outreach by focusing particularly on the psychographic elements of the prospect and on how to engage prospects in a very authentic way. At xSELLerate we do not subscribe to mass blast but rather the hyper personalized approach.

Utilize and leverage our knowledge of the tech stack.

To be successful in prospecting it is essential that Sales Development Representatives utilize the correct tech stack. We will train your in-house researchers how best to approach researching ideal customer profiles and buyer persona and in the use of tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Lusha. Tracking using outreach spreadsheets is very ineffective. At xSELLerate we subscribe to the SalesLoft which is our sales engagement platform of choice. Not only can we provide your organization SalesLoft licences, but we can help you help you optimize SalesLoft’s settings and give you guidance in setting up your initial cadences and how to track your Sales Development Representatives activities. In addition, xSELLerate is a Showpad partner. Showpad is an excellent way to provide micro portals that allow for tracking of customer interaction with content.

Best of both worlds.

Combining your knowledge of your solutions and customers together with our prospecting IP and know-how and tech tools, you are well positioned to ramp meetings for account executives and grow quality pipeline consistently and quickly.

“It’s been great working with xSELLerate. We got more meetings than we expected, and the quality of the leads were top notch! Keep it up gents, our sales pipeline loves you!”
Sivuyile Pezulu
Managing Director - Indalo Water Technologies


Manage a Team of Sales Development Representatives on your behalf

Building a Sales team from scratch can be timely and very expensive if you make the wrong hires. Let xSELLerate build and run the team on your behalf. As Sales Development Representatives learn and become proficient in articulating your offering, you have the option to bring them inhouse as your business expands.

Unique and Complex offering

This is the right offering if you have a unique and complex offering, and it is anticipated that there would be ramp time in getting the Sales Development Representatives up to speed.

Cannot justify management overhead for small Sales team

The initial step is to set up the campaign which will typically take between 2 to 4 weeks. During the initial campaign set up phase, xSELLerate will via several 60-to-90-minute workshops define the elements of the campaigns.  The following outlines the elements of a typical campaign.

Only hire those who performed

In addition, if you want to only hire Sales Development Representatives who have proven that they are effective in setting up meeting for your company, going this route is a good option as only the SDRs who perform could be hired by your company.

Our approach

xSELLerate’s approach would be to hire a minimum of 2 Sales Development Representatives and ideally a researcher for your company They would be on xSELLerate’s headcount initially and our experienced Sales manager would manage the team day to day for your company’s outbound campaign. 

Sales Development Representatives become a pool for future account managers

Together we would agree your ideal candidate profile with the intention that if they join your company you may want to use the Sales team as a source of talent for building out and developing your account management teams. Sales Development Representatives are ideal candidates for account managers as they have leant how to position your product and understand your Ideal Customer Profile and your key buyer personas.

We do
the heavy lifting

We would then train them in Combo Prospecting methodology , your company’s value narrative associated to your solutions and in the use of the tech stack required to prospect effectively.

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