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Why a Career in B2B selling?

I never thought of becoming a salesperson when I was at school. I did not even know the world of Business to Business (B2B) selling existed. Also, you would have argued if you knew me back then that I was an unlikely candidate for selling as I was introverted and a bit socially awkward.
During my 2nd year at Wits, I got a bursary from the Altron group and then joined one of their group companies, National Data Systems on completion of my degree. Here I had the opportunity to work with top B2B salespeople working in the banking sector and had the thrill of winning large contracts as part of the sales team.

Then I moved to Dell Computers when they came into the country. This was an incredible journey of nearly 19 years, where I had the opportunity to sell as an account manager and then fulfil various leadership roles, including being the country manager. In all these roles, selling was a key element.
After Dell, I became the country manager of Citrix, a USA based software company. It was also a great experience where I was able to hone my sales abilities.

As I look back on nearly 30 years of B2B selling, I know it has provided tremendous opportunities and financial security for my family and me. And it has been fun and rewarding. You can be incredibly successful when you are driven and have courage, believe in your product or solution, and act with integrity. I truly believe the words of Mahan Khalsa “Sales skills are life skills. What makes us better at sales makes us better in life. And vice versa.”

Getting Started in Sales: The Sales Development Representative (SDR)

The role of the SDR is to reach out to potential B2B customers and qualify if they are a good fit for the product or solutions you represent. SDRs then set up meetings with the prospect and an account manager responsible for moving the opportunity forward if there is a fit.

Being an SDR is gruelling work. You deal with rejection daily and work long hours. You are writing emails that may never be read, but you must be concise and relevant in every line. You may dial 100 people and only speak to 10, but you need to be on top of your game when the call is answered.
But approached with the right attitude being an SDR allows you to develop critical skills that will launch you into a successful career in sales.

 An SDR Agency

xSELLerate is an SDR agency. We work with different companies and manage a team of SDRs on their behalf. We train our SDRs to understand our customer’s solutions and then reach out to their prospective customers using an omnichannel (phone, email, SMS, LinkedIn etc.) approach.

Our SDRs get to work with cutting-edge outreach tools and are trained in the latest thinking around prospecting. xSELLerate is also ZoomInfo and Showpad partners. We focus on aligning sales and marketing and empowering sales through technology.

xSELLerate’s Sales Internship Program


Not everyone is cut out to be a salesperson!

If you have graduated or currently studying at university part-time and are looking for permanent employment, consider applying for an xSELLerate three month sales internship. We will accept 12 candidates for a one-week sales boot camp. Demonstrate your potential during the boot camp, and we will hire you as an SDR intern for three months. After three months of rigorous training, we may offer you permanent employment or place you at a company who is seeking SDR services. We run campaigns in South Africa, UK and the USA.”


You may be offered a three-month internship with xSELLerate as a junior SDR if you meet the required level during the boot camp. xSELLerate will provide you with computer equipment once you start a customer campaign. You need access to fibre or a good 5G or LTE/4G connection. During an internship, the stipend will be R4000 per month.

Key Skills

The ability to speak clearly and write concisely is essential. We are looking for intelligent people who are driven to succeed and seek an opportunity to prove themselves.


You need access to a computer and the internet for the boot camp.

Place and time of employment:

xSELLerate has a work from your home model, so should you be employed, you will need to have access to fibre. Willing to work from 5 pm to 1 am if you are working on a USA campaign. Otherwise, your office hours will typically be from 8:30 am to 17:00.

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