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Developing modern tech savvy salespeople that are disciplined and arrive with insight. 

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We will train your Sales team in how to optimize their tech stack and in our omni channel, hyper personalization methodology. We will develop your Sales Development Representatives capabilities to speak on the phone and write outreach emails and social media content to significantly increase their lead generation capabilities and increase their prospecting techniques.

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A Crash Course in Pipeline Building

Brendan McAravey 

Brendan has over 28 years in selling IT Solutions in Africa. He was the country manager of Dell and the country manager of Citrix before founding xSELLerate. As an account manager he was very successful in new business acquisition and at cross selling and upselling new technology to customers. This course is aimed at sales teams whose pipeline build is erratic and sales leaders need a quick course correction to ramp pipeline

The training consists of 4 modules done over 4 weeks. The time commitment in class will be a total of 13 hours (4 hours for the first module and 3 hours for the remaining 3 modules.) However, to maximize the learning the participants will need to do work outside of class. A 2-hour pre-session will be required with management to ensure successful delivery of the program.


Mastering Modern Selling (4 Hours)

  1. The Challenge of Modern Selling.
  2. Combo Prospecting and Tech Powered Sales.
  3. Virtual Selling
  4. Who really is your target customers and what do they care about? ( Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) , Buyer personas, Value narrative)
  • Crate a mind shift in thinking about building pipeline and get your sellers to commit to develop new skills.
  • Take steps to improve their virtual meetings.
  • Define a list a list of job titles for their buyer persona.
  • Write a value narrative for the buyer persona that is buyer centric.

The Basics (3 hours)

  1. Building your Brand
  2. Pragmatic Research with Sales Navigator
  3.  Sourcing Contact data
  • Made changes on LinkedIn profile
  • Know how to do a Boolean Search
  • Created a target lead list
  • Build a list of email and contact numbers with the help of xSELLerate. (Up to 50 contacts per sales person, email and mobile.)

Outreach by email (3hours)

  1. Outreach Principles
  2. Outreach using LinkedIn
  3. Outreach via Email
  4. Who really is your target customers and what do they care about?
  • Sent a personalized connection request.
  • Sent 5 connection requests with a template.
  • Liked a prospects post
  • Commented on a post
  • Posted Content
  • Written and sent an email asking for a meeting.

Outreach by phone (3hours)

  1. Review Outreach Principles
  2. Outreach via phone (Referrals , Warming up Cold Calls)
  3.  Role Play and practice the script for a real contact (Get comfortable with the script with a real contact.)
  • Build and practice a script
  • Anticipate common objections
  • Phone a contact to get that meeting

Authentic Selling with Edvance

John Smibert

This program is designed to transform a sales team’s behavior by training them in the EDVANCE sales process and equipping them with the necessary skills to be successful in the modern world of B2B sales. Authentic Selling with EDVANCE’ is an 8-month B2B sales development program that transforms the way your sales team sells.

Authentic Selling , created by acknowledge sales thinker John Smibert is a sales transformational program. John is listed by LinkedIn and Thompson Reuters as one of the top 50 global experts and influencers in B2B sales. He has a highly successful background in IT and software sales, sales leadership and general management, John’s passion is helping organizations achieve sustainable growth in revenue by helping them rethink the way they sell.

1.Foundation Program (10 Sessions)

Change takes time and requires practice through real world application. This program will lift individual’s sales capabilities and provide a thorough understanding on how to apply the EDVANCE sales process to complex B2B sales situations. Each session will be 2 hours and will be conducted virtually. There are required activities to re-enforce learning between each session. For this program to be successful it is essential that sales management is intimately evolved in the transformational process and several pre-sessions will be conducted with management to adapt the program to your specific needs.  The Wentworth Prospect will be used as a companion text for the course.

  • Improved sales productivity as their sellers adopts the EDVANCE sales process.
  • An increase in new business acquisition
  • Improves retention and revenue growth with existing customers.
  • Improved sales forecasting accuracy as everyone has a solid understanding of the sales process and what is required to move real opportunities forward.

2. Reinforcement Program (8 Sessions)

For change to occur, new skills and behavior need to practice and reinforced on the job over time.  The EDVANCE reinforcement program is a fully documented program that the participant works through between training sessions. It is designed to ensure salespeople are challenged to put what they have learnt into practice so that it becomes habitual. It is suggested that a manager or coach be seconded to mentor the participant through each reinforcement module. The reinforcement program will require the salesperson to:
Refresh skills by reading material, viewing videos, and listening to podcasts. Practice in the field what they have learnt in training. Document their experiences and share it with their mentor and / or group prior to the next training session. 

  • Engage
  • Discovery – Gaining insight
  • Value Proposition
  • Authentication – validating your claims
  • Negotiating Agreement
  • Gaining Commitment

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