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This collaboration allows us to deliver unparalleled sales services, leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of the Showpad to drive your business’s success.

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About Showpad

The Showpad platform integrates industry-leading training and coaching software with innovative content solutions to help your team beat quota every quarter. The open end to end platform that makes B2B buying and selling easier. 

Showpad Content

Sell the way buyers want to buy. Bridge the gap between sales and marketing by creating one centralized location that lets sellers discover, present and share the latest, on-brand content in visually engaging experiences.

With Showpad Content, you are able to revolutionize your sales enablement process and empower your sales team with the following capabilities:

Centralize and manage your assets with ease

Distribute sales content quickly

Discover content with search and recommendations

Bring sales conversations to life

Collaborate with buyers

Measure sales and marketing effectiveness to optimize impact

Showpad Coach

Deliver the onboarding, training, and coaching your salespeople need to become trusted advisors and exceed quota.


With Showpad Coach, you are able to empower your managers. Scale your sales team, with the following capabilities:


Deliver engaging onboarding & training to help your reps succeed


Monitor your team’s retention to identify & address weak spots


Build confidence through recorded practice, role-plays & peer review


Leverage rich analytics & recordings so managers can coach more effectively

Showpad Video

Increase your revenue teams’ impact on the buyer experience with personal video recording. Showpad Video helps boost engagement from the very first (cold) call up until the closed deal. Build a personal connection with your buyers and support asynchronous communication with all stakeholders

Connect with prospects in a more engaging way

Support asynchronous collaboration across teams and time zones

Showpad Integrations

Showpad offers a range of integrations with various platforms and tools to enhance its capabilities and provide a seamless user experience and bring your enablement vision to life and maximize your ROI.

WHy Showpad?

Showpad is a recognized leader in customer satisfaction and ROI. Independent analyst research shows that customers see a 10% increase in sales productivity, a 25% increase in marketing productivity and improved sales onboarding times of 25%.

Increase in:

1 %
Sales Productivity
1 %
Marketing Productivity
1 %
Improved Sales Onboarding

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